Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning is a dreaded house chore for the tedious and annoying task of endless scrubbing and polishing could really get on your nerves. If you don’t really feel like spending half of your day trying to make the oven look like new again – you don’t have to. All you have to do is call us today, book your appointment and let us deal with the rogue oven for you. Oven cleaning has been known to get the better of professional cleaners too, many cleaning systems do not yield the best results so repeat cleaning appointments are usually required to achieve the desired results.

In order to avoid this, we implement the latest and most efficient cleaning systems available on the market as speed, cost effectiveness and quality results are just what our customers expect of us – and we don’t fail to deliver. All of our cleaners are professionally trained and will use and apply the cleaning systems correctly for maximum results every time. Proper handling and application of the oven cleaning materials means less waste, less time spent cleaning therefore fewer service costs to be incurred by our customers.

Our top level oven cleaning service is available to both residential and commercial customers throughout the city. We value the health and well being of all customers and their pets, this is why we work with a strict non-toxic, non-caustic policy on all of our oven cleaning jobs and our customers appreciate the care. We also train our oven cleaning technicians to use natural and low-reactivity chemicals if possible, should the need be there for the use of more aggressive treatments – those will be applied sparingly and with professional caution.

The oven cleaning service is designed with customer convenience in mind and is available for booking seven days a week as we understand that commercial establishments cannot shut down during a busy day to have the ovens cleaned. The same principle applies to our residential jobs – customers cannot drop everything and leave work to have the oven cleaned so the service is available with flexible appointment hours.